Marketing Partner

Job description

You love all things marketing, copywriting, data analysis and strategy, but you don't love having to worry about delivering on the services you sell with your words and creativity, right?

If that's you, consider bringing your marketing awesome into partnership with us! We've got a proven product in one of the best markets, with a hook that works, and 13 years of testimonials and case studies. 

What we don't have is a lead marketing strategist, other than our CEO, and she is now ready to take her message and work to the next level of impact.

We teach lawyers who serve families and small business owners a new law business model that they use in their practices to make a real difference in their clients’ lives, make a great living while they do it and have full control over their schedules.

Over the past 13 years we have created a huge amount of marketing collateral, webinars, FB ads, and such to educate lawyers about why they should hire us, and it’s time to streamline all of it.

We are looking for a Marketing Partner to work with our CEO/Founder in combing through all of our materials and all of our data to identify what’s working, what’s not, and develop a plan that our team can execute on to improve our reach and reduce our costs of acquisition. You would also support the integration of two new marketing resources - a quiz and the New Law Business Model book, which is currently in editing.

This will begin as a 90-day position as an Independent Contractor/monthly flat fee for the co-created outcomes determined. By day 60, if all is going well, we will begin discussions about bringing you on board as our Marketing Director, full-time, and with upside in the growth of the company via equity, or via co-op ownership structure we are considering.

Why work with us?

You will have an incredible amount of freedom (and fun) working with our CEO, leveraging what we’ve already created, and what you will build upon with us. And, if all goes well, you will participate in the huge upside growth we have coming with ownership in the company. We have a full team so you get to bring your creative/strategic genius and work with the team we have in place (and others you may want to hire), to support our collective growth. Your ideas are welcome. Your analysis is highly valued. You will be heard, appreciated and loved. You may even decide that you love working with us so much that you don’t want to take on outside clients again.

Job requirements

Who you are?

YOU LOVE everything marketing. You follow note-able marketers on FB, read everything they put out, and you’ve paid for many courses to learn more. You’ve considered creating your own programs and courses, but the truth is that you just love the marketing, and not so much the delivery of the thing. You would LOVE to work on a team in which your marketing chops are respected, can be expanded, and where you can just focus on marketing and optimization, and you don’t have to worry about admin and managing the financials and keeping clients happy.

YOU are an overachiever, but you’re mature enough in it that you know how to not let your perfectionistic control tendencies get in the way. You know how to receive feedback, grow and learn as a result. And, you welcome it.

  • If you have prior experience successfully driving marketing initiatives in the legal services or professional services firm that’s a plus.
  • If you have experience building & developing a marketing department / team that’s a plus.